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FR Electric Insulation Cover Compound

  • FR electric Insulation Cover compound is specially designed for all of electric plastic cover.
  • It is used in high voltage electrical pole and utilities to prevent a short-circuit and electric leakage.
  • It is mainly applied for protective plastic cover against high voltage electric danger and damage.

Product Feature

- Excellent FR property (UL94 V。)
- No electric conductivity and excellent resistancy against high voltage electricity
- Excellent weatherability and durability against long time exposure in out-door
- No migration, no blooming, no water-flow mark

Product Sp. Gr. MFI Resin Appearance Remarks
SEF-910H 1.24↓ 2.20 PE Black Pellet FR Comp.
SPE-1004BLK 1.0↓ 4.0 PE Black Pellet Non-FR Comp.
SPP-1007GY 1.30↓ 12 PE Gray Pellet FR Comp.
SPP-1037GY 1.30↓ 12 PP Gray Pellet Non-FR Comp.


- Electric plastic cover to prevent short circuit and electric leakage
- Gauge case to check electric consumption quantity