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Coupling Agent

  • SBP Coupling Agents are chemically modified compatibilizer with MA,
    maleic anhydride which is organic chemicals as active functional component.
    Its function helps increasing compatibility when co-mixing and co-extruding with non-compatible plastic resin.
    Finally homogeneous material is produced by SBP coupling agent.
    It is called compatibilizer or coupling agent and in some case it is called bonding agent.

Product Feature

- This chemical functional group reacts with other active organic materials and form strong bonds.
- New composites of materials bridged with coupling agent are being served for Neo-concept plastics such as WPC, Automotive, Washing machine and other plastics
- It is applied for improvement of chemical and physical properties between plastic resin and fillers like wood powder, coated glass fiber.

Product Density Sp. Gr. (25˚C) Viscosity(cps) Liquid Color Bonding Strength, 4% (Ib.f/inch2)
SBP-14 NS 0.94 0.8↓ 0.5↑ Light Yellow PE
SBP-15 NSW 0.94 4.0↓ 1.0↑ Light Yellow PE
SBP-20 NS 0.96 200↓ 0.8↑ Pale Yellowish PP
SBP-20 NSW 1.00 250↓ 1.0↑ Pale Yellowish PP


- FR Cable compound, WPC, Plastic compound.
- Dispersant for plastic resin and pigment, filler and inorganic materials
- Adhesive synergist for hot melt adhesive resin compound