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FR Plasticizer

  • SFR flame retardant is low viscosity liquid type FR plasticizer of phosphoric organic ester chemicals.

Product Feature

- Effective liquid FR product for PVC which does not give any defects to decrease transparency and thermal stability. This is very important in sign flex sheet and bill-board display.
- To maximize flame retardant efficiency, small amount dosage of Sb2O3 can be recommended as a synergist. However, in this case, transparent property may be decreased and smoke density increase.


Advertising sign flex-sheet, Bill-board display, Banner, Roofing, Tarpaulin

Product Sp. Gr. (25˚C) Viscosity (cps,25˚C) P Contents Color
SFR-65 1.20↓ 250↓ 6.4↑ Yellowish liquid

Performance Benefits

- High flame retardant efficiency
- Good transparency and excellent light transmittance
- Good thermal and weather stability
- Good plasticizer property and compatibility
- No migration and blooming