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Heat Shrinkable Tube Compound

  • Heat Shrinkable Tube Compound is radiation cross-linked EVA product for heat shrinkable tube of harness and protective tube which is to protect the electric cable, pipe line and important parts.
    SPE compound is a base material for heat shrinkable tube consisting of EVA, FR and specific additives and has a specific property to be able to appear cross-linked matric system by the process of high frequency radiation through extension process by high pressure.

Product Feature

- Excellent protection against contaminated water, air and dust.
- Excellent electric property to prevent the short circuit caused from high surge electricity
- Good insulation and bending flexibility
- Excellent close adhesion and shrink down to max. 50%
- Satisfaction of UL94 Vo and FMVSS 302
- Main color : Black, on request : Red, blue, Yellow


- Automotive parts : fuel line, brake line, steering wheel line
- Electric / Electronic cable terminal
- Protective line and pipe

Product Sp. Gr. MFI FR / Resin Appearance
SPE-222 0.95 1.4 Non-FR / EVA Pellet chip
SEF-224ND 1.21 2.4 FR / EVA Pellet chip
SEF225HF 1.27 1.6 Halogen free FR / EVA Pellet chip