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HF-FR Insulation Sheet Compound

  • Electronic Insulation Compound is for halogen free insulation sheet and film with functions of eco-friendly non-toxic flame retardancy and thermal resistancy at high temperature.
    Its product is spreadly applied to replace conventional type FR using film and sheet.

Product Feature

- Excellent flame retardancy (UL94 Vo)
- Excellent heat resistant
- Eco-friendly, Halogen Free FR
- Excellent machinability

Product Sp. Gr. FR content (%) MFI (g/10min.) Resin Remarks
SPP-1018BLK 1.30 20↑ 2.0 PP Black pellet chip
SPE-229W 1.30 20↑ 1.5 PE White pellet chip


Electronic insulation FR sheet
- Electronic devices, note book computer, projector, LCD/ PDP TV, monitor, smart phone
Automotive door seal trimming film
- To prevent leakage of water and noise in the automotive door profile