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Viscosity Stabilizer

  • SVD Viscosity Stabilizer is for stabilizing and controlling the viscosity of paste PVC sol.

Product Feature

- It is able to control the viscosity of paste PVC sol in which viscosity is very important to meet processing conditions according to each PVC sol coating machine and applications.
- By the mixing and storage time of PVC paste sol the viscosity gradually increase as much as plasticizer penetrate into PVC paste resin. PVC plastic sol should be adequately stabilized according to processing conditions.
- To decrease the production cost of PVC sol per kg, inorganic filler dosage like CaCo3 is used more. As much as increasing the dosage of inorganic filler the viscosity is going up in proportion of CaCo3. The viscosity should be adjusted for the smooth working conditions


- Construction : Wall paper, PVC floor, Sign flex, Tarpaulin
- Garment : Artificial leather, PVC glove, Textile coating
- Automotive : Automotive underbody coating
- Others : Sleeve cover, Dip coating, Toys

Product Sp. Gr. (25˚C) Viscosity (cps) Liquid Color
SVD-604 0.84↓ 40↓ Yellowish