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Bonding Agent

  • SBA is the promoter to improve bonding strength between interface of PVC and fiber.
    In the case of PVC paste sol it can be applied and is good in the points of sol viscosity stability called pot life.

Product Feature

- Reactive polyurethane adhesive of one component system.
- Effective in increasing bonding strength.
- Strong adhesion is firmly anchored through penetration of PVC sol into polyester fiber structure.


Tarpaulin, Artificial leather, Sign flex, Roofing cover, PVC coating to textile and metal

Product Type Sp. Gr. (25˚C) Viscosity (cps,25˚C) Liquid Color Bonding Strength, 4% (Ib.f/inch2)
SBA-2013P Phthalate 1.05 20,000 Yellowish >20
SBA-2023NP Non-phthalate 1.05 40,000 Yellowish >15

- Bonding Strength is variable in 2 factors of dosage and processing conditions.
- Firstly, increasing dosage is proportionally bonding strength up
- Secondly, according to processing conditions like temperature, gelling time, pressure, semi or 100% PVC sol coating
- Bonding strength depends on the factors.

Performance Benefits

- Eco-friendly non-phthalate bonding agent, SBA-2023NP
- Provide good adhesion between interface of PVC and fiber
- Little change of viscosity by time
- Lower viscosity and good dispersion