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Top Quality, Top Price, Top Trust

We think that achievement is only possible with thinking creatively and challenging the spirit.
Now, we are working hard for our dream to be realized as soon as possible in near future.

We are pleased to meet you through newly organized home page and appreciate for your interest to SD KOREA.
SD Korea Co.,LTD established in 1990. We have taken a strong effort to make "Noble Land Mark" in the chemical world.
Also, we are continuing with our 3-Top spirits to develop and support our clients in order to create more advanced value
through our new innovative products.

We organized the system into 6 industrial sales divisions.
-PU Foam, PVC, Plastic, TPU, Textile, Chemical Additives.

To be a top in those 6 industries, all our members continue to focus and make efforts on
improving the product quality and creating new technology as world class level.

Continuously, we hope you to take lots of attention to our company.
On a behalf of our all clients, we promise that we do our best to achieve
our goal with satisfying our customers' expectations.
Thank you very much.

President. JeomSik Kim